April 04, 2003

The Game Boy Advance SP is a hit! 800,000 in two weeks? That's successful, alright.
A US journalist killed in Iraq. Michael Kelly, Atlantic Mothly editor at large, represents the first journalist casualty.
BBC Supernatural Tales: Ghosts of Albion, a spooky episodic tale, features animation and voice talents including Star Wars' Anthony Daniels (C3PO). Cool.
Any Canadians out there? Check out Heroes of Yore and Lore, a page of information on Canada's Heroes, and more. Especially good are the sections on Johnny Canuck and Sasquatch.
Finally, take your kids or yourself on a virtual tour of the Giant Squid. Also contains information on the squid exhibit which was first announced when we originally did a story on it last July.
Have a great weekend!

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