April 14, 2003

Happy Monday! Or not.
Earn money playing video games. Yeah, it's a long shot, but some people have made it work.
Make a word from your phone number.
See George W. Bush Dance! It's not pretty, but it's fun. Move those legs a little faster, pard'ner!
Finally, a note to everyone: there won't be any updates to the Revision Bar for the next two weeks, while the staff is on vacation. See you in May!

April 11, 2003

Bond Museum

Bond is in the Museum, baby! Check it out at the London Bond exhibit. Either go in person (open until April 27), or check it out online.

April 08, 2003

Palm Easter Egg: check out this easter egg hidden in Palm's Operating System. Makes a crazy yellow taxi speed across your screen.
Floridians, get out the bee sting ointment. A truckload of bees, some 80 million strong, released on Interstate 95.
Check out the Bunker Buster missile, used on Saddam Hussein's palace.
Pulitzer Prize awards announced. Reportedly, the Revision Bar was indeed in the running.

April 07, 2003

No More Snow; Best Freeware

So is it too much to ask that we actually get spring yet? 5-12 inches of snow coming to the Northeast today? You've got to be kidding me. Make it stop.
Check out CNET's listing of the best freeware. See if something there can take the place of an app you would normally pay for.
Paul McCartney reverses the famous Lennon-McCartney songwriting credit. Says he's "letting people know that the songs I sing today are my own."

April 04, 2003

The Game Boy Advance SP is a hit! 800,000 in two weeks? That's successful, alright.
A US journalist killed in Iraq. Michael Kelly, Atlantic Mothly editor at large, represents the first journalist casualty.
BBC Supernatural Tales: Ghosts of Albion, a spooky episodic tale, features animation and voice talents including Star Wars' Anthony Daniels (C3PO). Cool.
Any Canadians out there? Check out Heroes of Yore and Lore, a page of information on Canada's Heroes, and more. Especially good are the sections on Johnny Canuck and Sasquatch.
Finally, take your kids or yourself on a virtual tour of the Giant Squid. Also contains information on the squid exhibit which was first announced when we originally did a story on it last July.
Have a great weekend!

April 02, 2003

Bomb Saddam! It's music! It's a video! It's got line dancing by George Bush Sr., George W. Bush, British Prime Minister Tony Blair and Australian Prime Minister John Howard! See it here and read USA Today's story here.
Change the song title from "Lookin' for Love" to "Lookin' for Al Jazeera". We're not searching for love or sex on the net anymore--it's all about the war.

April 01, 2003

Software Professionals Get Escorts?

Software Professionals Get Escorts! Oh, wait, only in India. Darn.
Peter Arnette gets new job; Geraldo Rivera screws his up. Which war to really watch, the American -vs- Iraqi forces, or network -vs- network regarding coverage?
Last, but not least, it is April Fools Day. Some interesting links commemorating the day.